R Basics

The R Basics pages cover the following topics:

Working within R projects

An R project is the simplest way to organize your files, scripts, and other analytical products. This page demonstrates how to establish an R project and use it to open an outbreak or survey template.


Here are listed other online R tutorials and tips getting answers to your questions.

Orientation to RStudio

An overview of RStudio and it’s component parts. We include comparisons to Stata for those converting to R.

Reading a RMarkdown script

Guidance on how to interpret an RMarkdown script


R is an “object-oriented” language, and this page demonstrates what that means.


Functions allow you to perform tasks, ranging from the very simple to producing gorgeous graphics. This page covers the fundamentals of how to use functions in R.


Operators are translations of words like: and, or, greater than, equal to, not equal to, plus, minus, etc.


Dates can be particularly difficult to standardise - there are so many possible formats! Here are the most common challenges and ways to manage them.

Errors and warnings

How to interpret and avoid mistakes, especially with syntax

Importing data

How to import data with the functions used in the templates

Advanced and miscellaneous

Tips on using some of the more advanced functions in the templates