Online resources

Below are links to some of the many online tutorials for learning R.

Fundamentals of R

R for Novices (written for journalists)

Harvard Data Science course

Resources page of R for Epidemics Consortium (RECON) website

Tutorial for learning ggplot (the most common R package for visualizations, graphs, and maps)

Typically when you are “stuck”, it is a good strategy to use Google to find notes from other people who have worked through your same problem. If you phrase your search terms carefully, relevant results from Question/Answer sites such as StackExchange will appear and you can often get insights on approach, code examples, and be pointed toward other resources. If you decide to post a question yourself, use these guidelines.

Resources within RStudio

Within RStudio you can read the documentation of any package or function that you have installed.

In the lower-right pane of RStudio (with tabs: Files, Plots, Packages, Help, and Viewer), click the Help tab and use the search bar to look for names of packages or functions. You can also search Packages and click on the name of a package to see its Help documentation.

For packages, the Help page will contain:

  • A description file
  • General description and link to offline Help pages for each function contained within the package

For functions, the Help page will contain:

  • A general description
  • Usage, showing the required and optional arguments and their expected order within the function.
  • Detailed requirements of each argument
  • Examples of use